Halloween Costumes You’ll Want to Wear Again

Halloween has crept up on us yet again. Funny how it seems to do that every single year. The holiday connotes scary movie marathons on networks we don’t watch on any other occasion, socially acceptable candy fueled sugar comas, and the most cherished custom of all: costumes! The time honored tradition, albeit fun, can bring on much unwanted stress. With just days left before the big night, Halloween superstores and Walmart costume aisles have long been cleared out. Save yourself the trauma of fighting over the last pirate queen costume with another frazzled procrastinator and instead hit the mall, or better yet your wardrobe. Truth is, you’ll never again wear a store bought costume out of those plastic bags, but with a little creativity you can turn current trends into unique costumes. If you’re going to spend money on a costume it might as well be worth the space in your closet after October 31st.

Here are three costumes any woman would be happy to hang on to.

“Mad Woman” Joan Harris

1. A printed, wide neck top. Aim for something mod like this black and white J. Crew top. It’s sequined! You could also use a solid blouse with a ruffle or bow detail around the collar.

2. A curve hugging tweed pencil skirt. This orange one is a fun alternative to ordinary gray or black.

3. Accessorize with a vintage brooch and cat eye frames.

4. Finish the costume off with a pair of loafer pumps. I like these purple YSL beauties.

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DIY Bleach Art Tank Top

It used to be that household bleach was reserved for white laundry and cleaning up after grimy children or pets. Clorox was one of those things I’d never dare touch, off limits like matches, the hacksaw and my brothers’ Halloween candy (except for the Kit-Kats, I ate those).

The noxious liquid is now a favorite embellishment of fashion designers and crafty DIY-ers all over. The bleached trend has made a comeback in mainstream fashion and even in high end labels. In September 2011, Henry Holland sent bleached pastel denim looks down the runway in his House of Holland Spring 2012 RTW show.

The look, which echoes 80’s and 90’s grunge fashion, got a distinctly bohemian makeover in 2012 and was no doubt a popular trend among music festival goers. White spotted high-waist denim cut-offs and bleach-dipped tank tops were unavoidable this summer. Yes, these do resemble something like an amateur laundress’ mistake, but I dig it. And considering the fact that this is bound to be but a fleeting fad in fashion history, I am prepared to fully embrace the Clorox.

After fruitlessly scoping out the perfect graphic tank I threw in the towel and I decided to pull out the bleach and a plain black t-shirt and DIM (do it myself). Read on to see the steps I took to craft this beauty so you can DIY (do it yourself)!

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