The past several weeks have kept me awfully busy at school. Between homework, exams, and meetings I have little time to spare for the consideration of my outfits. Yesterday I realized that I had fallen into the habit of wearing a variation of the same ensemble every Thursday: chunky, oversized white sweater, jeans and boots. This style slump is troubling and my peers will eventually notice my Thursday get-up. Frustrated, I turned to the iPhone App Store in hopes of finding a little inspiration. To my delight, I stumbled upon Netrobe, a free application that helps users plan outfits and organize a virtual wardrobe. For those busy/indecisive/over-sleeping trendsetters, this application is just the ticket to keeping your look pulled together.

WARDROBE: Take photos of the clothing and accessories in your closet and add them to your Netrobe wardrobe on virtual Polaroids. The app allows you to sort items into custom categories so each user can make it work best for her. The items can then be viewed by category in a grid or list form so you’ll always be able to remember exactly what is at home in your closet.

LOOKBOOK: Much like Pinterest, the lookbook allows you to snap pictures of style inspiration or upload photos from your phone and organize them into a personal moodboard. Use this feature at the mall to save your favorite pieces at each store and compile a visual wish list. That way when you have to leave behind the beautiful blouse at Nordstrom, you’ll know just where to find it on the next trip.

AGENDA: A built in agenda allows users to input upcoming events on a calendar and then attach pre-planned outfits to them. When the date rolls around, there is no fashion frustration to be had because they’ve already got an outfit picked out.

STYLEBOARD: Add items from your closet to a blank white canvas and use your fingers to rotate and resize the images. This feature allows you to mix-and-match pieces in your palm so you don’t have to tear apart your wardrobe. Styleboarding (it’s a new verb) can be addictive, but having extra outfit ideas at the ready is always a good thing.

SUITCASE: Nobody likes to pack, but this app makes the ordeal a little more tolerable. Next time you embark on a trip, use the suitcase feature to plan ahead and select what you need to take with you from your virtual wardrobe. Email the custom packing list to yourself so when you inevitably pack your bag last minute, you know you have got everything you need to look stylish while you’re away.


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