Rock Your Socks

Socks are all too often regarded as undergarments. It’s true that they are a practical article of clothing; they are hygienic and comfortable. But there is so much more to them than Hanes bonus packs. There lies an untapped potential for great accessorizing!

As early as the 8th century BC, ancient peoples wore primitive versions of the foot-huggers for warmth. They were made of animal skins and matted furs and had to be tied up around their ankles, but they had they right idea. Centuries later, nobility were wearing colorful knit, silk, wool, and velvet socks to accentuate their sexy calves (Louis XIV knew how to work it) and their wealth. When nylon became widely available in the 20th century the sock as we know it came to be. Well sort of. Mostly they came in solid colors or stale patterns and people seldom gave them the respect they deserve.

Today, we’re in the midst of a sock renaissance. The once underrated pieces of clothing can be found in just about any style/color/pattern/material fathomable. Instead of hiding your socks under your jeans or shamefully tucking them into boots, have pride in the pairs you sport. Unique socks can amp up an outfit as much as any statement necklace.

This season accessorize below your knees. Be on the lookout for frilly boot socks, cozy neon camp socks, dainty patterns, or knit thigh highs and pick up a pair that suits your fancy. Your feet do great things, reward them with trendy socks.

1. Metallic Cuff Thigh-High Sock – $14
2. Summer Sweater Over-The-Knee Sock – $14
3. Marled Stripe Over-The-Knee Sock – $14

1 & 2. Corgi™ Cashmere Colorblock Socks – $88
3. Bow Trouser Socks – $13

1. Hot Sox ‘regimental’ Metallic Over The Knee Socks – $15
2. Make + Model ‘color Twist’ Lounge Socks – $18
3. Nordstrom ‘sparkle’ Trouser Socks – $7

Finally, a shout out to Bob whose affinity for sock culture inspired this week’s post! Happy birthday!!


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